June 17th 7:30 PM


A sequel to our Winter benefit for a vacuum cleaner; celebrating things that DON’T suck,

we now face head on the multitude of things that DO suck!


An evening of comedy, poetry, circus and love. Celebrating our resiliency in the face of grief, sadness and loss.

Featuring the amazing Zappo, as he honors the year anniversary of the death of Djuna Nichols.



About Zappo:

“Zappo Dickinson is a beacon of light in the lives of our youth. His teaching at camp is filled with insight, compassion and understanding. Give him your kids and I believe he will help to transform them into universal human beings who spread peace and love throughout their lives.”
-Wavy Gravy 


For more about Zappo please check out : https://www.gofundme.com/cedarcenter-zappo

95 people attended

$159 at door