“Creating acts that Matter”
Friday September 8th 5pm-10 pm and Saturday September 9th 9-5
$100-$200 sliding scale ( includes lodging at theatre house for the night)
Facilitated by Nikesha Breeze, Alessandra Ogren and Deirdre Morris
is a weekend workshop that focuses on translating our passionate feeling about issues and concerns going on in the world around us, into artistic acts of expression.In this time of incredible upheaveal, Resistance, Resilience and the deep need to stand strong for what is most important in our lives, we as artists, performers and activists need to find and nourish ways that we can use our art to be a voice of change and power. This workshop will focus on the profound role we all play and the responsability we all carry within our work in the world.Whatever your artistic expression is: poetry, performance arts, circus arts, dance or something else we will facilitate a process to get in touch with your thoughts, and find a form of expression for them.This is for all levels, and there is no experience necessary. You can bring an act you are already working on, or come with an open mind and body to explore the work.While we prefer individuals to come for both days, one day is also an option.

Breaks and Lunch Time included. Please bring food and water. We have a full kitchen and fridge for preparing food as well.

Please pre-register if possible by emailing Nikesha Breeze at Dreamravendesign@gmail.com

6 person minimum

Spread the word!!