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Collaborative Statement:
Wise Fool New Mexico and the Peñasco Theatre Collective are happy to announce a new phase in their artistic journey. Over the past 15 years, under the organizational title of Wise Fool New Mexico, collaborating artists and performers have been working at the Peñasco Theatre, in the Santa Fe studio, and in programs and performances both nationally and internationally.  Diverse artists and collaborators have come together to create the visions and scope of both Wise Fool New Mexico and the Peñasco Theatre Collective, each with their specific strengths and interwoven histories. www.wisefoolnm.org

The Peñasco Theatre Collective is a group of artists and collaborators working closely together through the years in both organizations, evolving to meet the specific needs of the Peñasco region, and will now be carrying out programming under its own auspices. The 2016 Peñasco Theatre Collective Summer Youth Interdisciplinary Arts Workshop and the Teen Multidisciplinary Arts Workshop both in Peñasco, will continue as a collaborative project of Peñasco Theatre Collective and Wise Fool New Mexico. Future collaborations will continue on a project basis.

The Peñasco Theater Collective and Wise Fool New Mexico

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The Peñasco Theatre Collective is dedicated to fostering community building, collective empowerment and social transformation through the arts.

On Highway 75, nestled beneath billowing clouds and a stark blue sky, is the area’s only solar powered hand-built adobe theatre.  Built in 1940 by Amado Roybal, the Peñasco Theatre stands as a testament to the resiliency of a community gathering place, and the importance of keeping performance traditions alive.  The edifice radiates with 75 years of collective expression.  You can almost hear the laughter, the shuffle of dancing feet to Northern New Mexican melodies, the melodramas of Mexican Cinema, and the multitude of voices sharing centuries old ways of knowing echoing off the walls.

The Peñasco Theatre Collective (PTC), a group of performers and visual artists continue the tradition of utilizing arts and culture to bring people together in a mutually respectful culturally diverse environment.  From ongoing youth performance afterschool classes based in circus arts to a self-directed artist-in-residency, the theatre offers a wide array of creative experiences for the artistically adventurous.

The theatre plays host to a monthly “Open Stage” inviting local talent of all experience levels and mediums to strut their stuff in a supportive and nurturing environment.  Every summer, for the past 16 years, the PTC hosts a youth inter-disciplinary arts workshop filled to capacity with enthusiastic young performers ranging in ages from 5 to 17 years.  PTC artist/educators hit the road with their creative prowess bringing multi-disciplinary arts instruction to school students all over Northern New Mexico.  PTC partners with various community organizations including Art For The Heart, Peñasco Schools, La Jicaríta Community School, and Moving Arts Española.    

Anti-Discrimination Statement:
The reality of contemporary society requires a new narrative. One that includes and celebrates the creative visioning that accurately reflects the many extraordinary voices that comprise it. Within artistic expression lies the transformative capacity for resilience and healing. We recognize the full diversity of the students, families and communities we serve in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, immigration status, physical ability, body type, body size, religious or political beliefs. We honor our collective histories of struggle against discrimination and other forms of oppression. We value collaborative arts education efforts that strive to promote community wellness, multi-racial coalition building and progressive social and economic justice. As an organization we commit to our continuing education about the various issues that seek to divide us.

Rebekah Tarín, Penasco Theater Collective